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Infrastructure and Facilities

Infrastructure and Facilities

Involves combination of various skills

SNGMCC is a premier and one of the best institution in the state of Kerala committed to excellence and innovation in generating technical expertise and managerial capabilities for global Hospitality Industry.

Hotel industry involves combination of various skills like management, food and beverage service, food and beverage production, housekeeping, front office operation, accounting, sales and marketing. To train the students on these lines the institute has incorporated the following labs with state of the art facilities

Food & Beverage Service

F & B service is a prominent revenue earning department which is responsible for the service of food and beverage in restaurants, bars, rooms and in banquets.  More emphasis is given in this department because of the number of vacancies generating from this section

House Keeping

A model deluxe room in which students will be taught exactly how to maintain guest rooms, public areas laundry operations and flower arrangements so that it is presentable to the guests ensuring facilities and comfort to them.

Front Office

A well-designed lobby and reception for the students to practice the activities like receiving a guest, reservation, check in, check out, telephone mannerisms, EPABX operation, customer relation, situation handling etc… Front office is the nerve center of a hotel and the college had designed this office in a way so that the students can become the masters of guest maintenance.

Food & Beverage Production

This department is a hub of the hotel industry and is responsible for all the food that is prepared in the hotel.  To train the students four different categories of production labs are provided namely, BTK (Basic Training Kitchen), ATK (Advanced Training Kitchen), QTK (Quantitative Training Kitchen) and Bakery.  

Bar & Restaurant

A well-designed 32 covers Restaurant & Bar is used for training the students. The practices in this restaurant enables the students to learn various aspects of food and beverage service including table setting, order taking & serving.


A place for the students to learn different types of bread rolls, pastries, cakes, ice creams, cookies etc.

ATK (Advanced Training Kitchen)

International cooking is being mastered in this lab. Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai etc.. and the art of culinary presentations will be taught so that our students will have an edge on others.

QTK (Quantity Training Kitchen)

A place for the students to learn the different cuisines of India including South Indian, North Indian, Mughlai, Tandoor etc in bulk quantities which can be sufficient for 100-150 people.

BTK (Basic Training Kitchen)

This is a kitchen for the beginners where a number of continental and Indian preparations in small quantities will be taught by showing the basic cuts, use of ingredients and methods of cooking. Here in this kitchen a student works individually and learns the basics in the art of cooking

Computer Lab

This is provided to the students to learn the basics of a computer such as MS-Office, MS-Excel and to explore the Internet during the course.

Hotel Engineering Lab

A hotel manager must possess a basic idea about all operations happening in a hotel. This lab is been designed to teach the fundamentals of electric circuits and appliances.